Yamaha DX7IIFD repair

Aug 30, 2022
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I find that my old DX doesn't work anymore. I think a keyboard that was mounted just above it on a multi stand has been laying down on some of it's data entry keys. No sound output from the headphone jack and none from the audio outs. I put in an available sequencer of the time called Grey Matter E, but now responds to very little input from the buttons in the 1-32, etc section. I took the liberty of opening it up to see if I could spot a loose card or something, but failed at that attempt. Just put it back together. My point: I CAN'T FIND ANYPLACE TO WORK ON IT. Times have changed. I may have to drive it an hour and a half from my home (Modesto, CA) to Fresno or Sacramento. Even then it's sketchy. Turns out vintage keyboard repair shops have pretty much disappeared or so has been my recent experience. THAT is what this post is about: ANYBODY KNOW WHERE TO TAKE THIS OLD BEAST TO GET IT TO LIFT IT'S HEAD AGAIN? Please advise. Might be simpler just to buy a low model new keyboard as I'm mainly interested in having a midi capable keyboard to do some color overdubs on home recordings. Something that you can combine and layer patches for new sounds. Not really a keyboard player, but with a closed door and some time I still know how to build a record. Please advise. Anyone. Thank you. -Michael-

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