yamaha MO6 and Macbook Pro

Jan 8, 2014
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hi guys!

i wanna buy a macbook pro and logic, and use it with my yamaha MO6. is it possible? can someone explain to my like i was a 5 years old ( :p) how to do all the connections? what kind of cable goes where and so on. and if it's not possible with MO6, than what kind of midi controller do i have to buy so this setup can work?
the thing is i wanna use this setup for live performance, so i want to use the keyboard as a midi controller playing with VST sounds from the laptop.
and the second thing is that i should be able to send a click track to the drummer, so i guess i'll need an audio interface. i already have a ROLAND QUAD CAPTURE, but i dont know if it's what i need. it has Left Right OUTPUT, and also a COAXIAL OUT. is that enough?

so, basically, i would like to know if i can play on stage with VST instruments, using yamaha MO6 (or if not, a midi controller) with macbook pro with logic, and roland QUAD CAPTURE audio interface. thank you!


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May 30, 2012
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First off it should be doable.

The only cable you should really need is a USB AB Printer Cable. Usually a 10 ft length is good enough.


As for the click track out, I'm not sure if that can be sent out separately from the VSTs or not.

To send audio out from the laptop you don't need a separate interface. Just one of these cables plugged into your stage mixer should work well enough.


Those should be enough to get you up and running with the software.

Someone else more knowledgeable with the software and yamaha hardware may have better solutions to offer but those should get you started.


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