Yamaha PSR-E333 can't connect to PC via USB

Apr 24, 2022
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Hello everyone! I'd like to use my Yamaha keyboard as a MIDI controller to use in DAWs, but when I connect using USB cable, my PC doesn't recognize it. I have installed Windows 11. I've tried to install Yamaha USB Midi driver, but while it's installing, Error 25001 "No device is connected" pops up. Also, I set PC-Mode properly. I'd be glad to have good advice.


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Jun 6, 2014
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First, I recommend trying to use it without installing the driver. I'm not sure if the PSR-E333 requires a driver to communicate with a computer over USB, or if it is class compliant, but if it can work without the driver then that would be one less thing to deal with.

If it won't work without the driver, make sure that you're installing the correct version of the driver, that your computer meets the minimum specs required by the driver, and that the USB cable meets the requirements.

For a 64-bit computer, use the 64-bit driver: https://usa.yamaha.com/support/updates/umd_win64_kbd.html
I don't know whether Windows 11 can even be installed on a 32-bit computer, so if you're using Windows 11 then you'll almost certainly need the 64-bit driver.

The driver requires a CPU speed of 1.4 GHz or faster. I think just about any desktop model of computer should meet or exceed that requirement, but I've noticed that a lot of laptops these days seem to have CPU speeds of only 1 GHz for some reason, which is slower than the required minimum speed. These laptops can usually run at faster CPU speeds by using some sort of "turbo boost," but I don't know if the driver works with that-- so if you are using a laptop whose base CPU speed is only 1 GHz, try running it with turbo boost.

The driver requires 2 GB of system memory. I don't think that should be a problem for any desktop or laptop that's running Windows 11, but check your system memory to be sure.

The driver requires a hard drive with at least 10 MB. Again, if you're using a laptop, check to make sure it meets or exceeds that requirement.

Assuming your computer meets the driver's minimum hardware requirements, make sure your USB cable isn't the problem:

Use a USB 2 cable; do not use a USB 3 cable.

Use a USB cable that's 3 meters or less in length. That's about 9.8 feet or less, so a 10-foot cable might be too long, and anything longer than 10 feet is definitely too long.

When installing the driver, make sure the keyboard is connected by USB cable and is already turned on before you try to install the driver.

If you've already tried unsuccessfully to install the driver, make sure to uninstall the driver before you try to install it again.

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