A dog of a movie.

Sep 6, 2017
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I too have about 200 movies/concerts and very rarely buy one, for the last 10 years the movies have only grown by about 10 whist the concerts by about 15.

I have them all on a media player so tgat we do not have to watch some FBI warning cr4p and dozens of promos before we get to the mivie menu.

CDs are another matter, they grow in numbers every time we go to a concert, just bought three more tonight at a Blues Band gig we went to see. They will be ripped to my collection tomorrow.

My Mrs does volunteer work in a charity shop and brings home DVDs that she has bought for a £1, she usually brings them home, we watch them and she takes them back to redonate them, but occasionally one is a keeper so if you guys have not seen it check out Plan 9 From Outer Space, it is so bad its brilliant.

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