Anyone experience with a Roland E66?

May 4, 2020
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The Netherlands
Hello all,

A whole while ago I was wondering how I could use my old Roland styles again. I produced them on my G800 but the .stl extension is not used anymore.
In order to get them on my computer in Midi format, I purchased an old Roland E66, that uses the .stl files.

However, I have trouble loading the styles on the keyboard. The disk and diskdrive are okay, I can play midi-files. But styles will not load.

I followed the instructions in the manual, but... nothing.

Now I am wondering what I'm missing.
- Are styles made on a G800 not suitable for a E66? I don't think so...
- Is the internal memory of the keyboard broken? How do I test and fix that?
- Anything else?

Does anyone have experience with styles on the E66?

Many thanks in advance,



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