Can't get Chord Tracker to work with DGX-660 and UD-WL01

Jan 31, 2021
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Hi all,

I'm excited to join the forum! I am having an issue that I just can't figure out, and would love to tap into collective wisdom!

I have a Yamaha DGX-660 keyboard. I purchased the Yamaha UD-WL01 wifi adapter. I'm trying to use Chord Tracker. It connects to my DGX-660 fine. The sound comes through the keyboard fine. But whether I choose a Demo Song or a song that I put on the device, it always plays for 1-3 seconds, and then stops. I press "play" again, and it pauses for 1-2 seconds, then plays for 1-3 seconds, and stops again.

I've tested Chord Tracker apps on three different devices: (a) a Galaxy Note 8 phone, (b) a Galaxy s6 tablet and (c) my wife's iPhone. I get the exact same issue with each device. I tried connecting the DXG-660 in both modes... one using the piano in wifi infrastructure mode where it connects to the router, and the other mode where the DXG-660 itself acts as an Access point, and I connected my phones and tablets to that Access Point. Same issue in both modes.

I thought maybe it was my Internet connection in the infrastructure mode of connecting, but a speed test shows 300+Mbps download and 16.5Mbps upload. The UD-WL01 only connects to 2.4ghz and not 5.0ghz wifi, but the piano is only 15 feet away from the wireless router with nothing in between. I then bought an Xfinity Xfi pod and placed it on the piano to see if that might boost the signal (but it's only 15' away!), but now the darn UD-WL01 isn't connecting to that. But I doubt that's it anyway.

Has anyone seen this issue by chance and have any other suggestions I can try? Please shout with any further question.

Thank you!


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