Casio 350 saving to USB

Dec 30, 2021
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On my Casio 350M I'm OK recording a single track to USB.
I can also use the Keyboard memory and build up various sounds for one song using the 17 tracks. But of course there are only 5 main files and I want to save more of them.

On the USB I have a couple of songs stored where I have managed to get several sounds on the one track - but can't remember how I did it!

I thought I can playback from the USB and record another sound on top, but can't find if that is possible.
Also I have tried saving a keyboard user song on to the USB, but it doesn't work. I follow the manual instructions. I even get the message that the transfer will be called RECSNG** and I can specify which of the 99 folders to send it to. It then does it - but it doesn't show up on the USB.

Any ideas most welcome.

Many thanks


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