Casio LK-230. Question about song bank.

Aug 29, 2012
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Hi everyone.

I just recently got this keyboard as a birthday gift. I kinda wanted a real synth, but hey, this is better than nothing.

Anyway, I am using the "song bank" feature to mess around and learn a couple of old standards just to warm up and then have the basics down so I can make my own music.

The problem I have is that a bunch of other instruments are playing in the background to any given song in the "song bank" when I'm trying to learn. And it's the most generic sounding stuff... I can't handle it. I only want to hear the piano parts to the song I'm learing. Waltzing Matilda comes to mind. I don't want to have the drums, guitar, harmonica etc. in the background when I'm learning the piano part.

I've looked through the users manual online and couldn't find a way to turn off those sounds. The only thing close was "accompaniment volume" but that has do to with playing your own rythmns on the bottom keys, and not the accompaniment to the songs in the song bank.

Hope I've been clear enough. Any help would be REALLY appreciated.

I'm really glad I found these forums, and will probably be sticking around.

Thanks guys.


The Y_man

Sep 12, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia
Once a jolly swagman.... welcome!

I just had a quick look at the manual - and it doesn't look like you can do this.

You could possibly explore loading a midi file with just the main parts, but I am not sure how the keyboard reacts (in terms of key lighting etc)

Maybe put up with the backing (you don't always get a say in getting a crap backing band in real life anyway! :)) and use it as extra motivation to learn your bits well enough to get away from it! :D

The Y-man

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