Dream for the perfect rig

Feb 7, 2022
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So I’ve been dreaming and researching for a while now and I’m thinking I know what my “perfect rig” would be.
Hybrid of VSTs, ableton + hardware boards
4 boards total, configurable depending on the gig

1. 88 stage piano (looking at yc88, Nord S3, fantom)
2. Some kind of fun synth (currently have a minilogue)
3. 49/61 key midi controller (using komplete S49, have a broken axiom pro 61 that needs fixing for organs)

4. Custom pad/playback board - this is where things get exciting and where I have questions…

5. Bonus! I’m also a drummer and think it would be awesome to add a multipad rig with pedals and full output capabilities (FOH can mix kick, snare, hats, etc)

I’m looking to build a case to hold a rack set up of DI, midi interface, audio interface, power supply, a 14” mbp + possibility of future Mac mini, and what ever else may be needed.

On top of this case would be a touchscreen monitor to control the computer(s), a small 25 key controller, and I’m looking for motorized midi faders and light up encoders.

Currently I’m looking at something like the key largo or a Kl-8 for the DI
MOTU or iconnectivity for audio and midi configuration
Fishman for power
Any decent touchscreen monitor
Softube console 1 surface controller
Have a mpk pro 25 but looking for something more compact
Need to find light up knobs

Would I need more DI(s) after the interface or would the interface have balanced outputs? If so, should I have 1/4” and 1/4” to XLR cables on hand for the easiest send to front of house?

Do I even need the DI before the interface? Or should I run all hardware outputs through inputs on the interface and mix on the computer?

Am I looking at this all wrong if I want pedals and other effects later? Should be looking into preamps also?

What else am I missing?

Any help on this matter be appreciated! Let me know how you run your rigs as well! I’m most interested in learning how mixing and output configurations are put together for more complex rigs running multiple audio and midi lines.


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