DS patches and effects for Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Oogie Wa Wa

Nate, bass and keys for The Feds Band
May 26, 2018
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NW Ohio, Ottawa County
We're looking at adding that Green Day song for our 3-piece band; I'm on bass and things other than the lead guitar, on keys.


We'll let the drummer do his thing, and the guitar player can switch between the clean part and the lead.

The song comes in with a heavily distorted (rhythm) guitar that comes in and out. Patch? Does that sound like one note, a chord, or maybe a power chord? If it's a power chord, I could add another instance (Part) offset to the perfect fifth and just play the roots?

Then there's the guitar (I think) with extreme vibrato that is also in at the start, and carries through. A Patch(?) having a distortion, and then add the Vibrato effect? Am I missing something here, maybe a synth or something instead? It's hard to discern.

I think those instruments are all basically playing the same sequence of notes (chords), it might be possible to have the vibrato guitar on one octave of keys, and both it and the heavily distorted guitar on another. Instead of trying to bring the second patch in and out, just move up an octave. One hand.

Finally the last Part is the bass guitar, I'll use my standard left split for that. There may also be a piano doubling the bass line to add. Not worried about the full piano chords; hey, we have to cut back somewhere!

This doesn't have to duplicate the original, obviously with three of us (they had help!!!,) but I'd at least like to get some of it's properties included. That adds a lot of darkness and thickness, which is needed, I think.

As usual, thanks for any help you kind folks can provide!

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