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Jan 14, 2011
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Re. Roland-EA7

Hi! I have had quite a few boards during my 62y, was a professional drummer before, (jazz), many years on the road, switched to keys when the band dissolved, - i have always ben "plinking" on keys on the side, but began playing them seriously when i was around 50, have had a few, began with Yamaha boards, but have now had three Roland arrangers in a row, first Roland EM2000, then Roland VA7, and i bought a Roland EA7 last fall (2018), it is very much smaller and lighter than the earlier Rolands, but the hardest to learn, and listen now: Not a beginners/first keyboard! - i am still struggling with it, - i got no manual with it, had a glance on the online manual, but mostly it has ben on trial and error, - and since this is far from my first keys, one has experiance..., compared to the VA7 that was a childsplay..

- I dont recommend the EA7 for beginners, its to complicated for that, - for the sounds and accomps i rate it as a high-end board, - cheaper than most other high-end boards, but as capable as most of them, - i also got me the Numa Organ2, at he same time, a very good B3 clone, - i am addicted to the B3 sound;), scince we had one in the jazzband, and i learned a lot of chords from our organplayer during the years - just thought i would make this shout on the board, - but dont misunderstand me, - you can go ahead and buy the EA7, but you should have some experiance with programming, it also takes time to get used to the two displays, it works, but can be akward before you get the grips of it, - Greetings from Levi in Sweden, - AKA MrKeys57 on the tube...;)




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