Kawai mp6 or midi controller+laptop+piano software??

for live gigging, soft in laptops will never beat dedicated stage pianos?

  • someday may be, but NOT TODAY 2013

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  • software on a mac are already fail-proof nowadays

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Feb 20, 2008
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Hi! Im renewing stuff,I sold some things and want to buy new gear for piano sounds mainly in live gigs situations. I want to get the best piano sound for the money I can get, key action or other features are not very important to me.
I am in love with kawai mp6 since I first heard it, Id pick it instead of yamaha cp50 or roland fpwhateverthenumber a millon times... love its sounds, features, looks, everything except its challenging weight and size...


Recently I discovered some sexy midi controllers that have internal sounds (not great, but surprisingly decent ones in case sofware crashes), like the NUMA COMPACT. So I think 4the same money of a mp6 I can get a n.compact+macbookpro+some software piano, wich BTW are sounding better and better and deliciously BETTER each year... (like the ivory II mmhhhhhh......)

This way I would have a better piano sound and a much lighter/smaller gear to carry ...OR WOULDNT I??? WHAT DO YOU THINK PEOPLE??

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