Korg Krome programing help needed

Apr 4, 2016
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I need ot adjust the sustain and and the touch sensitivity for certain programs and combos. ie; I have a combo with piano and horns, need to adjust how the touch affects the horns. And in some patches it seems the sustain pedal has no effect. Thanks in advance for any help provided. Sign me; lost in digital land.


Jan 2, 2014
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Levittown PA
I can't give you a definitive answer, but I can start you in the right direction.
1) Look in Youtube for various Korg "In The Studio" series Kronos videos, most of those filmed with Rich Formidoni are quite thorough, informative and easy to understand. I have learned a lot about tweaking patches in my TR and M50.
2) On your Korg, there is a Page button. That puts you into the "behind-the-scenes" parameters of your combi. There are several divisions within this which will allow you to change settings.

Mess around with it and learn what each thing does. You won't mess anything up, and if you do, just back out and change to another patch, and all the changes are wiped. However if you make a customization that you like and want to keep, then press the write button, and Yes to the Are-You-Sure? question.

Check this video and see what I am talking about at around 3:12
Hope this helps.

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