Korg M50, Yamaha MM8, or Roland Juno Stage?

Sep 4, 2009
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Which one is better than the other and why? I need good Organs, Brass, Pads, Violins, and Pianos.

They all cost almost the same, Which one should i buy?

Korg M50 73 keys
Yamaha MM8 88 keys
Roland Juno Stage 76 keys
Jul 5, 2010
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juno stage d e f e n e t l y!
got sampler in it! (audio channels +midi channels)
yamaha got only 8 track of seq. and only liner one (crapy seqencer).
m50 is good but no sempler on it (only midi channels).
Jul 18, 2007
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You really want to stay away from the MM. It's basically a hybrid between an arranger
and a workstation, and it fails at both aspects.

M50 is good, so is the Juno stage... But i've heard that the new Juno line (new being
in the last few years) had some major issues with displays... They just stop
displaying text right after some time so you might check with the dealer, and
if the warranty covers it.

So out of these keyboards - you really need to choose between the Juno and the M50.
Jan 6, 2010
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I own an M50- 61 key. I would say go for the Juno Stage and buy extra coverage, just in case.
I would not buy the M50 unless you bought the 88 key version. The 76 and the 61 are built like toys. Mine has been in for repair of the same issue, twice in a little over a year.
Roland costruction is a bit better.
Jun 25, 2010
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Yup, old thread. But since people are now going to be seeing it again, I'll still toss in my two cents. ;-)

If a player is looking for "good Organs, Brass, Pads, Violins, and Pianos" then recommending a model (or not) because of its sequencer or sampling abilities may not be relevant.

The 88 is a weighted action, the 76s are not, so one big factor will be what kind of piano or organ player you are and how much you are willing to compromise the action in favor of one or the other.

Apart from that, I would be surprised if any of the three were clearly best in all 5 categories; and also, people often disagree about which piano, organ, or string sounds is better than which, sometimes due to personal taste, sometimes in part because of someone's style of playing (i.e. a great rock organ sound isn't necessarily a great jazz or gospel organ sound; a good brass patch for funk won't necessarily work for 40s swing, etc.), so people can easily have very different answers for "which model has the best" anything.

So as for which to buy, you have to see what you think of its sounds (from your own perspective, and based on the kind of music you play), see what you think about the feel of the keyboard, check the manuals and look at the button layout to see what the interface is like and how easy or hard it will be for you to do the kinds of things you need to do.

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