Korg Pa5X Webinars

Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
The Korg UK webinars starts 19th January 2023 and they will be a monthly event, probably on a Thursday at 17:00 UK time.
If you miss a Webinar then they will be available to watch post event at a time to suit yourself.
These are now Official Korg webinars but produced by Korg UK.
To access them visit Korg.co.uk and presently in the News and Updates section you will find details of the Webinars and there is a link to Register.
Once registered you will be sent a link to access the Webinar.

The first one was very informative and for me it will be worth another look, it covered the updates in the OS, and some demo’s of features.

Downside to the new Korg structure is that the prior Webinars which covered the Pa4X and other models are no longer available.


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