Korg X5D Split Keyboard - Volume pedal for just one part of the keyboard

May 9, 2022
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Hi there,

I own an old Korg X5D - still fully functioning - with some awesome sounds. I have set up a splitted "Combi-Sound" with two instruments, left hand a classic e-piano, right-hand an accordion. Now I want to have the volume pedal assigned to just the accordion part to simulate a bit the swelling sound of that instrument. I studied the manual but haven't seen anything which could solve my issue and I'm afraid that the X5D isn't prepared for such a task. Before I give up I want to ask this community whether someone has some idea / knowledge how to set up this Korg to get a splitted volume control. A search for the needle in the haystack probably but do not want to give up too early :)

I will be very glad to hear from you.

Best regards


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