Midi patch saving device, works for any synth that uses CC/nrpn and 5 pin midi.

Jan 9, 2024
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Hi everyone, I hate to spam but this is genuinely really useful and relevant to a forum about MIDI...

I've made a pretty useful device that allows users to save and load patches for...a lot of synths! Users define the cc/nrpn parameters and the device saves received values for the parameters. Its called MIDI Goblin. Ive made a few videos of it working with some synths
the reface serires
boutique series of synths.
volca keys(should work for volca bass too)
aira compact s-1
(bass station video is in the works)

its pretty useful if your devices can transmit and receive midi cc messeges but doesnt have the ability to save or has a crappy display/relies on patch banks. There are lots of librarian apps out there but I'm basically allergic to connecting my synths to my computer and this works as a nice hardware library without the need to lug around a computer.

It should work for the moog sirin and minotaur and subsequent 27,pwm mantis, vongon replay...no behringer though since they dont like transmitting cc for their synths (limitation of tying their potentiometers directly to the analog circuitry)

it also has an arpeggiator, chord generator, scale mode, CC-lfo, sequencer and a few other doodads.
I have more info on www.midigoblin.com

heres what it looks like if you dont wanna click any links

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