Isolating sound patch change on MIDI - need help!

Feb 25, 2016
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Hi! I would like to ask for help.
I currently have a 2 synth and 1 module setup which are all on MIDI.
I use the Korg 50 as my master synth with korg x5 and Roland D550 module. All "MIDI"ed together. I do this basically to have a fat sound live - were I have 3 sounds played on my master synth (X50). The problem I have is when I do patch changes on the master synth, the two other synths change patches too.
How do I isolate one from the other so that when I do patch changes on either synth, the other keyboards stay on the patch they are in?


I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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I take it they're all using the same MIDI channel? If they don't have any built-in functions for ignoring specific types of incoming MIDI events, or (conversely) preventing specific types of events from being transmitted-- in this case, Bank Select and Program Change events, as well as any Control Change or System Exclusive events that might result in unwanted sound changes (e.g., Reverb Type and Reverb Send Level)-- then you might be able to use something like a MIDI Solutions Event Processor.

For instance, I'd assume that if you want each instrument to have its own sound, yet have all instruments respond to the Note On/Off events from the master keyboard (which I gather is what you're trying to accomplish?), then you'd ideally want each instrument to use a different MIDI channel, in which case you might be able to have the event processor change the MIDI channel(s) on the Note On/Off events but leave the channel number unchanged on other events. And if you're only going to play on the master keyboard and just use the other two for additional sounds then you could use the same channel for the other two-- e.g., Channel 1 for the master and Channel 2 for the other two, with the event processor changing the channel number from 1 to 2 on all Note On/Off events being transmitted from the master.

I should mention that I have no personal experience with using a MIDI Solutions Event Processor, but I think it can do that sort of thing. I'm also assuming you want to avoid having to use a computer as a go-between.

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