New Access Virus Beta O/S

Jul 28, 2008
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Has anyone tried the new Access Virus Beta O/S update, if yes can you give any feedback on performance etc?

Resolved issues, refinements and new features:

• HI: Added "dB" to Delay Send and Reverb Send value representation
• HI: Parameters do not change themselves anymore
• HI: Soft knob display messages corrected
• HI: Bank MIDI dump / Arrangement MIDI dump was broken (fixed)
• HI: Possible detuning of synth engine (fixed)
• IN: Firmware update did only work on second attempt in OS X installer (fixed)
• IN: OS X installer crash when retrying firmware update after device was in use (fixed)
• IN: OS X Document alias pointed to the wrong directory
• SE: Atomizer crashes under certain circumstance (fixed)
• SE: Possible crackling with short notes and certain patch combinations (fixed)
• SE: Improved pitch bender calibration
• SE: Improvements to Input Static Mode
• SE: Tempo dependent FX do not change tempo when changing patch
• VC: Automatic software update check
• VC: Global Midi Volume now initialized correctly, when starting up VC
• VC: Knob mode could not be changed (fixed)
• VC: Native 64-bit support for OS X (added)
• VC: Search in browser could find results that did not meet search criteria (fixed)
• VC: Sluggish UI in Windows 7 (fixed)
• VC: Some parameters in Distortion and Freq Shifter were not locked with Section (fixed)
• VC: Improvements to text edit fields
• VCC: Crash when burning ROMs (fixed)
• VCC: Occasional wrong menu selection when burning to ROM (fixed)
• VCC: User bank symbols disappeared after 8 banks were burned (fixed)
Known issues:
• Key commands (cursor keys in browser for instance) in Protools do not work as
• Minor redraw problems in Protools.

Tony ......................



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