No audio through speakers, no midi, apps won't open. Studiologic numa compact 2x

Mar 19, 2023
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So i have done a factory reset over and over and I updated my firmware. There is still a problem trying to open my app in my IPAD pro. First off as I was trying to program my sliders on this keyboard but it keeped acting weird on me. I would try to cc program 6 of the sliders to control volumes in AUM and everytime I would go to a new instrument slot on AUM the keyboard Slider would only program to one of my AUM slots. So if I wanted to program slot two/midi learn to Slider two on my numa it only learns it to slot one on AUM. I checked my routing on AUM and everything is on the right channels then I would go and try to midi learn each slot and same thing again it would only midi learn to one slot on AUM. I emailed Studiologic and talked to Gianni Giudici and had a video meeting with him but he wasn't very attentive. He just explained things to me I already done and went through what settings were to me. It was a lost cause and a waste of my time. I really need some to call me and go through some trouble shooting and figure this thing out. I think it's the keyboard and the IPad that are not ccommunicating to each other. My ipad crashed and i had to reset it as well. It shouldn't be this hard just to set some sliders. Now the audio started acting up too. So now the audio won't come out of the speakers and no midi going on either. Very frustrating. If anyone can help or ster me in the right direction.

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