External Steinberg UR44C Audio Interface for DGX 670 or not?

Jan 7, 2018
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I am purchasing an Aston Spirit microphone to have better quality vocals. THe DGX 670 has a jack outlet to headphones (no line out). Its internal audio interface is 16 bit / 44.1 khz.

Am considering whether I should invest in the Steinberg UR44C to have the piano running through it as well as a microphone. NO other instruments. The reason for this exact interface is the Onboard DSP for direct monitoring with Reverb effects.

But the latency with the Yamahas interface is just around 10 msecs at 64 or even higher sampling buffer size (the lower the faster the pc needs to process but the advantage is less latency).

So do you think the External audio interface's DSP is redundant since I might monitor some Effects, by using FX in cubase and monitor the Cubase processed signal, while not having it recorded onto the audio track itself.

Someone said that an external audio interface is of better quality than that of the piano but I wonder if I need it? I just have max two tracks: THe piano and the microphone. Well if I need to record them onto 2 separate tracks I would need an external audio interface like the Steinberg UR44C which however is quite an expense. ALternatively I record first the piano and then focus on singing, which of course would allow one to focus more on one thing at the time for an optimal recording.

So Interface or is the Yamaha's audio interface sufficient to run say the Aston Spirit microphone? I find it bothersome to change my setup. If the quality is the same or not really noticeable then why bother with that extra link? I already have one Behringer Phantom power PS400, which I use with the Shure SM35 condenser microphone plugged in through the piano.

I prefer saving that money and just focusing on the microphone. I have earlier seen endless discussions between those defending and external audio interface and that of the piano. I can understand why an external audio interface is a must for someone with other instruments like a guitar, vocals and perhaps an ensemble. But in my case I don't have a band and no guitar, bass etc since all is on the keyboard including a complete mixer for all the sounds. As I learned once as a sales man: KISS = keep it stupid simple.

So is the quality of one's singing even improved with an external audio interface as compare to the 16 bit/44.1 khz yamaha one. If not then I have no reason to purchase one. It would mainly be for the DSP and in case I need to record both the piano and the mic simultaneously, since the USB connection only provides 2 channels (occupied by the piano).
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