old Yamaha QY700: Faulty or not?

Dec 23, 2013
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Greetings to everyone: long time no attend. :)

Got my hands on a Yamaha QY700. Got a few days before the deadline runs out for returning it. Hopefully someone might know this machine, and help me judge if the following action denotes a fault or not:

Using the Data Dial (wheel) to scroll through the 64 patterns / phrases, it works okay while the patter / phrases are playing. Only when it stops playing and trying to scroll through the 64 patterns / phrases at rest, the data wheel does not respond. It sticks, or rather spins freely without changing the pattern. Like a car clutch slipping. If I use the data dial slowly, one notch at a time, it works fine.

No problem using the number keys to dial in - and enter - data, that works fine, too. But using the data when there is no music playing, the data wheel hardly has an effect at all.

To my mind, this data wheel feels rather loose and flimsy, compared with the previous QY700 I was offered, and can't say I noticed this possible fault on the previous one. Hoping some kind person will chip in and confirm the above behavior is the norm. Much obliged.

Tempted to go back to basics...
Where's me banjo!


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