One key chords, making a progression. Darned minors. Juno DS61

Oogie Wa Wa

Nate, bass and keys for The Feds Band
May 26, 2018
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NW Ohio, Ottawa County

I'd like to find a way to play a chord progression using single keys. The thing I want to do is play octave keys, the lower split being the bass patch, and the next octave of keys the chord's roots using a different patch. (Bass guitar and a Piano, in this case.) Playing octave notes isn't an issue, that's done all the time. Playing a pair of octave keys plus the upper 3 and 5, even my ham hands aren't that big.

My right hand has other things going on. A rotary organ, in this case.

Getting the root is easy, as the chords I need are all in the root position. Just play the note.

Getting the perfect fifth is also pretty easy; another patch with an 7 semitone offset pitch. Or I think there's even an Effect for this.

Now the problem. Some of the chords are majors, some minors. That same idea isn't going to work on the 3rds, obviously. What else can I do? Although there are several songs where I could use this, there is one in particular that I'd like to use as an example. Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan. Bass and piano underneath, and the organ part up top on the three remaining octaves split.

The progression is C, Dm, Em, F and G. Or various permutations thereof. Yes, all white keys.

Skip the third and just have 1-5 'power chords'?

Create a User Scale? (Double-yuk. I'm not that smart.)

Make samples of each of the chords and play them on the octave up keys?

Give up and hope the guitar player can fill in the chords, for a simplified version? We're already giving up the harmonica. 3-piece band.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

Oh, and I'm singing the darned thing. >sigh<

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