Roland HP-230 Piano, no sound from right speaker

May 4, 2017
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Have a hand-me-down Roland HP-230 piano (mid to late 1990's I think) that is in regular need of TLC regarding key contacts, I fixed contacts again yesterday and working ok but when I had the case open I noticed I was getting no sound from the right speaker. I tried disconnecting left speaker and then noticed that a VERY low volume sound was still evident in the right speaker (seemingly an unamplified signal at whisper level).

I then thought that perhaps the speaker itself may be faulty but when I tried plugging my headphones in there was also no sound in right headphone channel.

This piano has a switch/relay that can be heard automatically clicking over when I insert headphones, I assume this switches between speaker amp and another lower power amp for the headphones? Given that right channel is missing from the main right speaker and also headphone speaker this makes me think that the issue may be before the signal gets to the amplifiers (however the unamplified "whisper" output in right channel speaker kind of condradicts this thinking)?

Any ideas or previous similar experience?
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