roland HP-330 repair

May 28, 2018
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I just got an old second hand roland HP-330 with some audio issues (probably just some bad capacitors) and A key that only works sometimes. I have been able to dissasemble the keyboard and I took some keys out, I removed 4 screws (see image). but even though it looks like the white part is supposed to be able to come out, it definately doesn't want to. Does anybody know if there is a dissasembly guide for the HP-330.

apparently the keyboard mechanism the HP-330 uses (PA4A) is used in a bunch of other keyboard:
  • Roland A90 and A90ex
  • Roland FP-1 and FP-8 and FP-9
  • Roland HP-145 and HP-147
  • Roland HP-236 and HP-237 and HP-245
  • Roland HP-2800 and HP-2880
  • Roland HP-330 and HP-335
  • Roland HP-3800
  • Roland HP-530 and HP-535 and HP-550 and HP-555
  • Roland HP-5700
  • Roland HP-730
  • Roland RD600
  • Roland XV-88
So a dissasembly guide for any of these keyboards would probably work. I found a bunch of tutorials online to replace keys and hammers. but nothing deeper than that. (when I am inside I will probably be able to figure out the rest by myself, I am pretty good at electronics repair).


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Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

Usually an online search specifically for the ..... Service Manual.

For the model in question returns quite a few links, just tried it and had a good few Google pages.

Good luck.
May 28, 2018
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the only result that comes up that actually claims to have a service manual for the hp-330 is this one but none of the links work. I also found service notes for the hp-335, this would be handy while opening the case but I already figured that out. It uses a different key mechanism so it is useless and it doesn't go any deeper than removing the keys / hammers so it would still be useless. The same goes for youtube, there are no videos about dissasembling this model and all videos from models that use the same key mechanism don't go deeper than the keys and hammers. I probably just need to clean a rubber dome so I need to get underneath it. But the internet seems to be pretty useless in thhis case. I wouldn't have posted on a forum if I hadn't already searched through half the internet.


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Jun 6, 2014
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Usually the ElektroTanya site is a great place to find service manuals, but they don't seem to have much in the way of Roland, and nothing related to HP models:

As far as searching the internet for service manuals-- or even just user manuals-- I absolutely hate the way so many sites claim to have what you're looking for, but when you click on the link in the search results it takes you to a PDF document with a link in it that claims to be for the requested manual, or it takes you to a site that wants to make you register before they'll let you download anything.

In the first case, I never click on the link inside the PDF document because it's just too suspicious-- why not simply put the link on a web page? Plus, if you start searching for random model numbers that don't even exist, you'll get results for them, too-- not to mention that there are multiple sites claiming to have exactly the same results as each other (identical wording, even down to the bad grammar), and each site has some crazy name in its URL. It smells like they're just waiting to infect your computer with viruses, steal your personal data, etc.

And as for the sites that want to make you register first, I might register if the site looks legitimate and doesn't require a lot of personal information when registering. But often you might register and then find out they don't actually have the manual you were looking for and were just luring you into registering-- and then you start receiving an avalanche of spam in your email.

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