sequencer question: loops not seamless

Jul 9, 2016
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Ok so I'm recording a bass loop for the first verse of a song but the first note of the riff actually gets played early, as the last 8th note of the previous [intro] loop. No problem. But when that loop finishes, so does the first note. I need that note to sustain into the next measure! Of course I can retrigger the note on the first click of the second loop, but then "daaaaaaa" becomes "dadaaaaa". Does that make sense? How do I get the second loop to start with the final note of the previous measure open and "ringing"
I've encountered this problem a few times before. Surely there's a control for this but I'm not sure what I'm looking for or what to call it. I'm recording on a Korg PA1000.
Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Do watch the official Korg tutorial video on Recording.

It seems that you have not set up recording correctly, with the PA series you can edit and correct what you have recorded and the video tutorial shows you what to do.

There is a whole seties of Video Manual tutorials by Korg that you may find helpful to learn about other features. In particular if you watch and learn about Songbook and Setlists then these will be of great benefit. There is a seperate 30+ minute video on using Songbook that is well worth seeking.


I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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If the note starts earlier than the beginning of the loop, then I would guess that for the other times through the loop you'll also want that same note to start early, so add a Note On at the appropriate timing (beat) before the end of the loop. It should get cut off as desired by the corresponding Note Off that occurs within the body of the loop, presumably sometime shortly after the loop begins.

This still leaves the issue of what to do about that note when you no longer want to repeat the loop, since the note will be triggered again just before the end of the loop. If you don't want the note to be played at the end of the loop's last iteration then you'll need to create a second copy of the loop that duplicates everything from the first copy except that it doesn't include the retriggering of that last note. Then if you want the loop to play N times, you'll need to play the actual loop N-1 times and let the Nth time be handled by the second version of the loop, if you see what I mean.

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