Soundtrack of Your Life, I didn't write this one.

Oct 9, 2017
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About 5 or so years ago I recorded this song that Steve Madden; the guitarist not the shoe guy: wrote. He wrote the music and lyrics. Steve sang the lead vocal and played all the guitar parts. We both sang backups. We used only my equipment as it was easier, He didn't need to carry anything on the but and I already have everything we needed. He had a drum track on a cd that he got from somewhere but I don't know where. All the production was done by me including the big Beatles type orchestral section at the end. To get the vocal through a Leslie speaker like john Lennon did, I ran the the already recorded vocal through the Leslie simulation effect in my Korg Kronos keyboard and re-recorded it. This was all done on my Yamaha AW16G recorder a year or so before I got my big music computer. The guitars were run through my Zoom effects pedal, into my little Fender guitar amp and recorded with probably my SM57 microphone. I probably had a tube pre amp on it as I almost always did back then. I really love the Wurlitzer electric piano sound at the beginning. That's my Kronos again. Have a listen and really get into the production of it. I'm very proud of this one.



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