Technics SX KN-7000 and Midi files

Sep 13, 2023
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Hi , I recently acquired a Technics SX KN-7000 keyboard and bought some floppy disks from a reputable dealer on Ebay , the floppy disks containing LYRICS work fine and do indeed show the lyrics on the screen of the keyboard , however these disks and the other standard midi file floppy disks do not display the music score on the keyboard screen ? Is there anything I can do to rectify this as I was hoping to be able to see the musical score onscreen and mute the melody track so that I could play along while watching the musical notation on the keyboard screen , I have also tried transferring midi files I have to SD card to also use however the KN-7000 doesn't seem to be able to read them and they obviously do not show up when SD card is loaded ? I know years ago there was software for this keyboard which dealt with all your midi needs but probably due now to age I can not find any of this software and 99% of Technics sites no longer work which is a pity as I,ve seen there used to be loads of free midi music etc available to download on these sites , I thought buying these floppy disks would give me a good start but if I cannot see the musical score on screen I,m lost as to how I move forward with this keyboard , any help on my midi situation would be of great help , look forward to any replies .

Regards - Tommy


Jan 14, 2021
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I doubt the kn7000 can display a score.
If you want to record on a diskette they should be formatted bjy the kn
Disk with .mid files can be played in gen midi or level 2.

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