Unattached 4-pin cable in Xboard 61

Sep 12, 2011
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Hi there,

I've got an E-mu Xboard 61, I just opened it up to fish out a weight from one of the keys (the superglue wasn't especially strong on my key weights) that fell into the interior of the keyboard case. While opening it up, I noticed this short, ribbon-ish, loose 4-pin female cable attached to the left side of the keys component of the keyboard:


I didn't specifically *see* it come unattached from a plug when I was taking the keys component out of the case, but then I may just not have noticed it happening. After gluing the key weight back on, I hooked the Xboard back up to my laptop (by USB) without the cable attached to anything to test it, and as far as I can tell, all keys, knobs, and sliders appear to be functioning normally.

Still, is this cable supposed to be connected to anything? I noticed a rather janky-looking 4-pin male cable with loose pins (connected to a set of two gray and pink-dotted wires) that the female cable could feasibly reach and connect with:


I also noticed 4 similarly-sized unattached pins on the lower circuit board in the corner (where the ribbon cables are attached), but it doesn't look like the female cable could possibly reach that far. Is this anything that I need to be concerned about before putting all of the screws back in? Does the female cable need to be attached to the janky male cable? Thank you, everybody!

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