Urgent question for Studiologic SL73/88 owners

Mar 1, 2020
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Hi SL88/73 users

I have a couple of questions which are a bit urgent, since I am considering buying an SL88 for live gigs, and I’ve got a gig coming up soon. I believe my question will apply to the Studio as well as the Grand model (and SL73).

It’s important for me to be able to change the MIDI transmit channel with only one click of a button (or a pedal). If I am transmitting on channel 3, then I want to be able to change to channel 2 or 4 with a single click (button or pedal).

According to the manual it seems that I should be able to change Program with a pedal, and since the Programs apparently inherit a MIDI channel of their own, that would supposedly be the solution. The example from above: A change from P003 to P004 with a single click with the (up-)pedal. I’m planning on using only one Zone.

Can anyone confirm this?

Another concern: Is it possible to be able to see the active MIDI transmit channel on the screen at all times. Some devices turn off a selected parameter after some seconds. But if the SL can have the active Program visible on the screen (and showing the channel), then that would be great.

Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance

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May 30, 2012
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Just guessing here, but in answer to your first question, a program or bank change on a MIDI controller generally has ZERO effect on what channel the signal is being transmitted on. For all intents ans purposes the MIDI channel remains fixed when Bank and Program LSB and MSB are sent.

As to your second question about displays? No idea but you should contact Studiologic directly and ask their pre sales support staff your questions.

Gary ;)

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