Help for Evolution MK461c Urgently needed

Dec 17, 2011
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Hi All Newby needs HELP lol
I have an evolution MK461c that I use on stage...whilst trying to get my new Roland AX1 to talk to my tone generator without hanging notes:mad:argh!!! I managed to reset my evolution...wouldn`t be a problem apart from the fact that I had the board set up to allow me to press the numeric pad and select piano on 1 organ on 2 strings on 3 and choir on 4..I cannot remember how I did this and I have read the instruction book from cover to cover and I still cannot find out how I did this:confused:!!!! must be my age its about 7-8 years since I did this..I have another small evolution board in my studio and I can set this one up no bother...but this one looses the memory setting when powered off!!! Its much more intuitive though to set up!!! Could do with the MK461c tonight though....cheers Norman


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