Can't get Studiologic 880-SL keyboard to change patch on Korg XD5R. Manuals attached ;) PLEASE HELP!

Aug 1, 2015
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I have these two ancient bits of kit. If you 'like' me I can send you the links for the manuals but they're readily available online.

I'd like to program zone one for an organ and zone two as piano. I'm getting no sound on zone two. There is talk of having to enter the code Control 32 then Control 0 to change the patch. I think something has been lost in the Italian translation. Are there any Italian keyboard players out there?!

I think zone two might be set as MIDI channel two but don't know how to assign this to a sound on the Korg unit.

I don't don't know how to select preset A/B bank or G01,2,3 &c....

Please help! From a complete newbie


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