Connecting Multiple keyboards Via USB?

Feb 14, 2018
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OK - Im starting to run into a few potential connection issues - so need some advice.

Im OK for now - having an RD2000, JD07 and a Peak. I have Midi Through of FA going to the Peak, its Midi through going to the RD2000, and RD2000s out to FA07s in. I can control any synths sound from any keyboard. As far as audio goes, Peaks out goes to FAo7s in, and FA07s out goes to RD2000s in - and RDs goes to the mixer.

So - the issue. All the modules Im now looking at adding either dont have audio in (which the peak doesnt) or dont have Midi through. So I cant daisy chain either Midi or audio.

I guess I could add a Midi patch bay, and a small mixer - and in fact I have a mixer spare (though its a little large really for the keys rig).

So - the question. All my current synths - and all the ones Im looking at have USB (at least Midi over usb - not sure about audio yet) but obviously each module only has one USB socket..... Can I use a simple USB bay and connect each synth just to that, and have Midi and potentially audio available from/to each module? or is it not that simple (which Im guessing).

So - advice needed. Whats the simplest way of connecting say 5 modules, 2 of which have keys, so that I can control all 5 sounds from either keyboard - and also have a single pair of audio outs going to a desk - given the limitation of no audio in on some modules, single USB outs, and no Midi through capability on some.

For information - as well as the Peak, FA07 and RD2000 Im thinking of adding EITHER a TR8s or Digitakt - and EITHER a Blofeld or Virus Ti2.


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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
Let me know if you find an easy answer :D :D :D



Gary ;)

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