How to set favorite tones in Roland EA7 expandable arranger

Aug 10, 2018
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Hi All,
I have a very basic question. Recently I bought a Roland E-A7 expandable arranger Keyboard. I want to know how to assign favorite tones as one push options. I want to know this because, while performing on stage if I want to change the tone on the fly, I want to assign it to some switches on the panel so that switching is easier.

For Eg, if I am performing 3 songs on stage, I want to create a setup list something like below in the Keyboard memory.
Song 1: 1-Piano 2- Flute 3-Strings 4-Trumpet 5-Violin
Song2: 1-Pan Flute 2-elec piano 3- accordion
Song3: 1-Church Organ 2-Elec Piano 3-Choir 4-strings 5-Guitar 6-Piano

Can some one help me with this?
Preferably, if there is a document or a quick demo video will be very helpful

Best Regards,


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