How to Simulate Mic Placement on a Yamaha CP40

Apr 25, 2017
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I've just made the switch from an acoustic upright in my studio to a Yamaha CP40. The acoustic had too much mechanical noise (not the best brand), so I'm trying out the Yamaha. So far, I'm impressed, but have run up against a problem I can't find a way around, thinking there's probably a known way of achieving what I'm after, and I should ask.

Mic placement on the acoustic gave me a nice separation of bass & treble, using two mics, but I can't find a way to get that on this Yamaha. It has stereo outs, and the option of splitting the keyboard for various instruments (lower keys for bass or strings, upper for piano or another instrument), but I don't find a split for separating the upper and lower registers on the keyboard as a piano. Basically trying to have everything above and below middle C separated just a slight bit.

Has anyone else work this one out?

BTW, I'm working in Logic Pro X, if that makes a difference.


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