Which STAND, Mic Boom arm, note Sheet stand and laptop holder for MOXF8?

Jan 7, 2018
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Hi Musical friends, I have some questions.

I have boiled it down to this:

Stand: K & M 18950 (table) as alternative to 18880 (Harmonica) or the Omega 18810, and the double legged x stand which probably will be in the way of the legs. Also the problem is that to adjoin accessories to the x stand and the 18880 seems tricky. With the omega 18810 it’s doable but one needs adaptors so the lesser weight of the stand is down weighed by the extra accessories. I have no car.


Mic Boom arm: K&M;18956

SHeet holder: K&M;18818 ( I considered Millenium MS-2002 N or the stacker K&M;18882 (which would require an adaptor K&M;18817), Stacker B BK (which might be useful for a laptop and as a sheet music holder but what do I know??).

Laptop holder: K&M;18815


1) AM I good with choosing the K& M stand 18950 for the MOXF8 (though being heavy as compared to the 18880 which is very light aluminium (but I can’t see how acessories would fit)?

2) Can the sheet holder K&M;18818 be used for a laptop as well or is it too fragile? I also considered using a stacker for that but with this stand I wonder if the two arms will be too far apart for that. I read somewhere that a stacker could be used as a table and for notes too.
I ask because I might want to use my laptop for note reading for which reason placing it to the side of the keyboard, would be akward.

However there are times where I am going to need to read notes while sampling/mixing on the pc. In that case the extra laptop holder is useful. I guess that for controling external software sounds during a gig or so, having it on the side might make typing easier. No experience whatsoever with such a setup.I always recorded to a USB flash drive. Then transferred it into a pc (or my phone ;-) bad choice for editing though).

3) Regarding the Mic Boom arm: K&M;18956, won’t it block my view to the keyboard? As for now I use a regular stand, tripod, placed beside me or perhaps a bit behind my shoulder too.

4) Would someone suggest me a better setup?

Txs, Dino

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