Karaoke (Music and lyrics) on Yamaha Keyboard PSR970

Sep 10, 2020
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I've been wrecking my head for the past week trying to find a way to convert my favorite songs on youtube (music and lyrics) to either .midi or .mp3+.cdg so that they play with the lyrics on my Yamaha Keyboard. I am doing all of this because most songs I like are in italian or so old they aren't sold on the usual websites for karaoke, midi files or yamaha musicsoft.

I've tried getting the .mp3 file and then turning it into a .midi file but then the quality is ruined. I've tried taking the .mp3 file and adding the lyrics with Lyricsfinder, and I've also gotten a .mp3+.cdg song off the internet to try playing on my keyboard. None of these worked. Am I missing something?

TLDR: How do I transfer a song from youtube (it's music and lyrics) to a usb to plug into my yamaha keyboard?

All I want to do is sing my favorite songs as I play along on my keyboard!
Thank you in advance for any kind of help or redirection to a previous thread.



Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

Lyricsfinder is about the best there is but you may like to try using MP3Tag instead just to see if that app works by creating a file that you S970 will play.

Do check the Manual for lyric file type and size, ie it may require a TXT file of up to a specific kb size.

As for downloading audio, there are ripping apps available but these do tend to have a data rate cap. Browsers like Firefox have Downloader plug-ins that you can also use. Again there are data rate caps.

I do not know what file types the S970 can play but you could always rip a CD. Or record an analogue vinyl disc to a lossless format and convert that to a file format the S970 will play.

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