Korg Kross 2 vs Roland Juno DS: The Final Battle.

Jun 26, 2010
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Using the neo on the outs would mean strings or pads (for instance)
Right, the best way to use the Vent is on a separate Sub Out. Otherwise you have to compromise elsewhere. You could not use the Vent when you're splitting/layering organ with other sounds on the same board (falling back on the internal sim in those situations) which is also a nuisance because you have to remember to switch the Vent in and out during performance depending on the patch. Or you can run mono, and pan your organ sounds to one side and your other sounds to the other, which can also limit some of your effects options (as some rely on stereo).

In an ideal world, Id like the Nord organ module from the 6d or stage 3 - in a pure module box. That would be perfect, but its not something Nord do (or are likely to).
For what most consider an even better (and certainly far more customizable) organ than the Nord, look at a Gemini module (which has the VB3 organ engine from the Mojo). Big advantage, it exists! It doesn't come with drawbars, but you can get a drawbar module that will work, or you can control it from your RD2000 sliders.

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