midi controller keyboard & polyphony

Apr 3, 2011
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Hi All

I have been looking into midi software and getting a midi controller keyboard, specifically the Behringer U-Control UMX 610, now if I understand this right, midi keyboards have no polyphony, because it plays no notes, so it will be my computer that has the polyphony?

I have a 2.50GHz core 2 quad PC with 4 gig of ram (32bit so it's not using all the memory) and windows 7, should the polyphony be OK with that?

I was looking at Native Instruments Komplete Elements as it looks like a bargain at £40, maybe it should be called inKomplete though as I don't think it has a sequencer?

and lastly, do you think 61 keys is enough to play Myleene Klass's version of toccata?

I can't play a keyboard yet, but I need a goal right? ;)



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