MIKDI controller keyboards for ujse with ROLAND JV1080 or JV1010 modules

Nov 18, 2011
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Chester/North Wales/Manchester
PLEASE could someone inform me or advise me on the best make/model of MIDI controller(s) x2 I might need to replace a load of hardware keyboards ?

I currently lug about the following :-

1) Roland RD170 Stage Piano - Excellent action but bloody heavy !
2) YAMAHA TYROS 2 workstation - Excellent and not as heavy as the RD170 !
3) Hammond XK2 single manual tone-wheel clone organ = excellent and , again, bloody heavy !

I want to cut down the enormous lifting and lugging due to shoulder and back injuries recently, so am looking to go down the lighter route ofujsing MIDI keyboards and possibly an FCB1010 MIODI pedal to change settings etc as per songh list but I may need some help in setting this rig up. Please email me at [email removed] or call [phone number removed] mobile in the UK. Many thanks. Phil J
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Jun 6, 2014
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I don't have much experience with MIDI keyboard controllers. The only one I've ever had (and still do) is the M-Audio Axiom 61-II. If I were shopping for a keyboard controller today I'd probably lean toward one from either Akai Professional or Novation. It depends on what you need/want-- number of keys, what types and how many other controls, aftertouch, etc. Akai Professional and Novation don't seem to make 88-key controllers.

I've seen posts from keyboardists who got rid of their Tyros because of its weight and replaced it with a PSR-S970; they seem to be happy with their decision.


Aug 16, 2011
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@WelshPhil I have removed your personal details from your post - there are automatic bots which look for personal email addresses and phone numbers, and I wouldn't want you to be the target of spam or fraud!

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