Which MIDI controller should I get?

Dec 24, 2015
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I'm thinking of either the Arturia 230501 MiniLab MkII 25 Note Controller Keyboard, White or the Arturia 430201 Keystep Small-Format 32-Key Polyphonic Step Sequencer. The latter one obviously has more keys but I don't know how well it does drum pads.

I'm also thinking of the AKAI MPK Mini Mk2.

The AKAI MPK and the Arturia Keystep both have arpeggiators. But can I easily replicate this with a plug-in? Do I need a built-in arpeggiator on the controller?

The Keystep also has a sequencer, and of course 32 keys as opposed to only 25. But it doesn't come with any software, unlike the Arturia Mini-Lab or the AKAI MPK Mini.

I will probably use these for mostly studio recording. I don't need a full keyboard as I already have one and am mostly after a controller. I'm mostly trying to control the drum machine and any other virtual instruments on my computer.

I might also want to occasionally input stuff into Sibelius. Will 25 keys limit me from doing this properly?

Which is better out of these options as an all-round general thing to have?

And do I even need something as expensive as these? Are the very cheap ones with very basic functions worth getting, or will they be pretty bad and limited very quickly?

Any help appreciated

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