New producer needing help with buying my first midi keyboard!

Jan 18, 2015
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Hey everyone! I've recently decided to get into music production, just for fun for now and going to see what happens. I have recently bought an new computer specifically for producing and use logic pro x.

I'm now in the market for my first midi keyboard. I have a budget of £150, below is a list of what I'm considering, what do you guys think? Are they good choices for a first keyboard and which will serve me best?

M audio axiom pro 49 - This is on eBay pre owned

M audio axiom air 49 - This is on eBay pre owned

M audio oxygen 49 - Ebay brand new

Samson Graphite 49 - Ebay brand new

I'm also aware that akai do midi keyboards and would consider one of those.

I just need help in what to buy as my first midi keyboard, any input would be very helpful, thanks guys!


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