Playing a song on a background sound which loops.

Oct 16, 2010
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Hello guys, Sorry for title . Couldnt find the proper title because my english isnt that great.Anyway. Im wondering if its possible to play a song on a recorded sound. I mean , For example ; Playing something with strings tone which includes 4-5 notes then recording it. And play something different with both hands with different tone while the recorded strings sound plays in the background looping in interval. Is it possible ? Im a wind instrument lover. But as most of you know , if you like instruments after some time you want to buy more different instruments. I bought a Yamaha PSR e-423. I wonder if its possible to do something like that? Or if i have to play all of them seperately and use some music software to do it. One more question. How can i record something that i played on my keyboard ? Do i need a microphone ? Or can i connect my keyboard to PC and do it without microphone? Sorry for wall of text. Hope someone can help. Thanks for your time.:)


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