Roland EM-2000

Feb 13, 2021
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I have a practically new Roland Em-2000 which believe it or not, I paid $2,200 for it in 2000. I use it to play my backing tracks on floppy discs which I purchased in the 90’s. It still works for that.
My questions are,,1),,I unitedly loaded up my internal memory trying to make a backing track longer and now it is full! What I would like to do is restore the factory settings. Roland is saying I need a factory Zip drive(which it takes) to load things up again. Oh boy! I bought a Factory Zip drive but it won’t load. SCSI or something. It’ll take my floppies but no Zip drive.
Anybody have any ideas on a 21 yr old keyboard?? I’m stumped!!
Thanks, folks in advance!


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