Roland SA-300 PA system or keyboard amplifier (with flightcase)

Jun 14, 2013
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My Roland SA-300 PA System. £400 plus shipping
Consisting of:
  • a head unit which has an integrated 350 watt amplifier and 2 integral 6.5 inch speakers
  • plus a subwoofer with a 12 inch speaker

The PA's has its own custom-made flight case with wheels, internal foam padding and case handles for carrying and for rolling.

I purchased the PA new from Thomman a couple of years ago and had the flight case custom-made locally about six months ago. The flight case cost £180.


I actually use two of these separate PA units as a stereo PA system for my three-piece indie rock band. Plenty of power in this. We never need to use this at more than half-way on the dial - and we play everything from small pub gigs to decent-sized clubs - as a relatively loud band with a live summer. Sometimes we put only the vocals through these - sometimes we also mic up the bass and guitar cabs and the kick drum and put them through this too.

THIS AUCTION IS FOR ONE UNIT ONLY - I HAVE THE OTHER ONE FOR SALE SEPARATELY. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY BOTH - PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I CAN DO YOU A DEAL! E.G. I have a spare subwoofer (so have 3 in total) so could include that if you want to buy the pair of them.

One of these would also be ideal for a solo acoustic performer. They have loads of input and outputs.
Lots of people do use them for that purpose.


Lots of They also make fantastic keyboard amplifiers.

I'd rather you picked it up from me from either Southampton or Worthing - or I can probably deliver them to you somewhere in Hampshire, Sussex or Surrey. A courier can be arranged at your expense.

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