Tyros 5 file number limitation?

Aug 29, 2018
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I loaded a large number of midi and style files to my new Tyros 5 76 hard drive but when attempting to access the data on the Tyros HD (All files were loaded via PC to Tyros HD) I get an error message that says there are two many files for access (not exact but apparently the number of files per folder on the HD is limited or is there some other hardware issue I am not aware of relative to the Yamaha OS for the Tyros 5?



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Jun 6, 2014
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Are you trying to use them in a "set list"? The Reference Manual says you can use a maximum of 500 files in a set list (page 88).

The PSR-E models definitely have a limit on how many song files or style files they can read-- something like 200 I think-- but I didn't see anything like that in the Tyros documentation.

EDIT-- Correction, it does say in the Owners Manual that the maximum number of files or subfolders that can be in a given folder is 500 (page 30).

It also says that a folder can have up to 4 levels. So in theory you could have 500 folders, each containing 500 subfolders, and each of those containing 500 subfolders, etc., and at the fourth or deepest level you could have 500 files in each sub-sub-subfolder.

But it also says that the maximum number of files will depend on the number and size of the files-- i.e., how many will fit within the available memory.
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