X50 midi out 2 Sibelius

Nov 7, 2008
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Allenstown, NH USA
Hello everyone, I'm a songwriter/guitarist with an X50 and i'm writing more tunes using the synth and adding orchestration. Sadly, I'm a terrible keyboard player. To try and make a long story short, i'm musically illiterate and back in 2007, a stageplay musical comedy I wrote for my kids high school was performed. I'm slowly working on a sequel and rather than have the music teacher from the school create the score (as he did from my basic demo recordings, he's since moved out of state), I figured I could just play the synth into Sibelius v4 and create the various instrument parts myself.

The biggest main problem (among all the little problems) is getting Sibelius to 'see' the X50. Now I don't know much (anything really) about midi, I don't use a computer to record my songs on (I have a Korg D3200 deck) but I've messed around/edited a Triton file (sound set file) in Sibelius' editor. I guess I'm looking to be able to choose (in Sibelius) whatever sound is in the X50, record the instrument onto the staff (example: CA:017 Detailed Strings) and hear the same preset played back but Sibelius can't see the synth. It sees something and plays back the wrong sounds or nothing or plays back sharp attacks as opposed to held notes.

Neither Korg nor Sibelius plans on creating a sound set file. GM is insufficient, other forums have been of no assistance as well. Anyone here use an X50 and Sibelius or know of someone who could help me out?


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