Yamaha psr e433 midi to sonar 3

Feb 14, 2014
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Hey guys first post on here,
I just have a perhaps simple question, first of I am not a musician or keyboardist , I am an amateur just experimenting and trying to create some sounds behind my animation and my video edits...,
I used to play with Casio keyboards quite some time ago and I did enjoy it very much , so here I am with the set up at hand Yamaha PSRE433 connected to my pc via midi (usb cable) and sonar 3, I am simply amazed by some of the instruments there and the ease of layering sounds ect..,
During some of my tests with the synth itself just trying to play simple key notes it works great and Im happy with that, however when I play it through midi sound coming from my comp using sonar3 instruments every key note I hit plays different , example I will press C very fast once and second time and the third time , first and second time I get consistent C now on the third it plays a higher note through the same key...
I am not sure what to think about that ..., hitting the same key should produce the same consistent key note each time, how ever in my case the sound changes to a higher note...
Would anyone know what may be going on with my setup ?, just to clarify when I just play on the keyboard itself it plays perfectly...
any help would be appreciated.


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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
Under Options Menu go to MIDI devices and set your Yamaha as the output device by moving it to the top.

Also under options go to the Instruments Menu and set which model Yamaha you have for the device. If you can't find an exact match use something that's a close match, like Yamaha XG.


Lemme know if it still causes problems after that procedure.
Nov 16, 2012
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In addition to what Gary has already suggested above, you should go into the E433's MIDI set up (via the "FUNCTION" feature - Page 48 in the manual - Function #045) and set "LOCAL" to "OFF" so that the keys no longer send signals to the keyboard's internal sound module. Sonar will echo back to the E433's sound module everything it receives from the keys as you play them. Setting "LOCAL" to "OFF" prevents you and Sonar from attempting to both send the same notes to the sound module at the same time, which can lead to some surprising and, usually, less than desirable results known as a MIDI feedback loop. This usually comes in the form of "stuck notes" that just hang on forever until you cycle the power on the keyboard, or unplug the MIDI cable, or kill the Sonar software or invoke its "panic" reset feature.

Good luck and enjoy that E-433 !
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