Yamaha PSR-E433 vs Casio WK-6500

Sep 11, 2013
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Hi everyone,
After much research and time, I've narrowed my desired keyboards to these two.
The Casio WK-6500 and the Yamaha PSR-E433

I've made up a list of things I wasn't able to find out about, and if you guys could answer as many of these questions as possible it'd really help me out.

Apparently if you split the keyboard, you lose the layering effects on the Casio? Is this the same for Yamaha?

Can you edit tones on the instrument live/on the fly on the Casio? I know you can on the Yamaha with the 2 dials. Do they have a lot of freedom?

Can you create tones on the Yamaha? (Keep in mind I said create, not edit, as obviously both have editing capabilities)
Apparently creating tones on Casio is very limited to pointless things.

Which has more overall sound editing possibilities?

Can you loop patterns on them?

Apparently you can't turn off the inbuilt speakers on the Casio, although I find that hard to believe.

Can you shift the octaves easily on the Yamaha? So is it possible to play classical music that require the higher and lower octaves easily. This is not a huge priority, but I'd like to know. Is it worth getting the 76 keys of the Casio?

Can you download new soundscapes/tones onto both of them? And easily?

Which has better overall sound quality?

Is 32 Polyphony notes on the Yamaha enough? (Casio has 48)

How do the 2 go about creating patterns?
From what I've heard, you can create your own patterns on the Casio, but not on the Yamaha, however you can download PLENTY of patterns for it. Is this correct? Can you download patterns for the Casio?

Can the Yamaha Sequencer edit individual recorded parts?

Much thanks in advance!

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