Yamaha - Smart Pianist App and the P121 / 125

Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
In researching and test playing digital pianos made by Yamaha, Roland and Korg I found that accompanying Apps are available for Yamaha and Roland DP’s.

I now have Yahama’s Smart Pianist App and Roland’s Piano Partner 2 installed on my iPad and it has been a case of have iPad will travel or Music Store here we come.

There I connected up the iPad to a P121 which is the 76 key version to the P125’s 88 keys.

Using the App enables basic adjustments to be made to the piano, set up splits and layers. The images show some of the screens available.

The instrument selection screen




Octave and Mixer screen


One particularly good feature is Song analysis, simply select a song from your music library and the App analyses and displays a progress bar together with the chords, so it is easy to play along.


I was pretty well impressed by the App and how easy it is to make adjustments and you can even save Registrations.

As for the keyboard itself, this is the third time that I have played one of the P120 series, the key action is GHS or graded hammer standard, and I found it very responsive for me (an old guy with limited keyboard skills), the onboard tones are all pretty good and at less than £400 it would be a good choice for portability and where space is limited. I am considering this model as my portable keyboard since at 10kg it is pretty light for a hammer action keyboard. Yes onboard sounds are limited but what there are can easily be layered or split and with high polyphony compared to equivalent Roland models three different tones sounding and fast runs or slides should not result in and sound issues.

Next up is to try out the Roland Piano Partner 2 App.
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